UG VAVY (April 15th, 2017)

Considered a part of Chicago’s New Wave of talent, UG Vavy has quickly established himself as one of the most lively performers in the city. Cosigned already by Chicago rap veterans like Twista, Alex Wiley, and Supa Bwe, as well as recently collabing with some of the city’s other fresh talent like Femdot and Joseph Chilliams, UG is well on his way to becoming an established presence in Chicago’s current musical renaissance.

*Credits to all the artists showcased below*

Gwap- UG Vavy (0-2:36)

Back To Ballin- UG Vavy (2:38-6:13)

Bussin’- UG Vavy (6:17-9:45)

Run X4- Ug Vavy (9:46- 12:48)

Fight Me-Annie (12:50-17:27)

Show Intro

Cy Fyre- Super Hero (17:28-17:58)

Interview (17:59-1hr:5min)

UnderDog f/ Jopseh Chilliams, UG Vavy &  Femdot-Sunny Woodz (1hr:5min-1hr:8min.23sec),%202017).mp3


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